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Each night, as millions of people slumber peacefully, millions more can’t fall asleep or stay asleep. That’s not fair. So we did something about it.

Poor sleep leaves you feeling tired and lethargic. This can impact your relationships with friends and family, as well as career success. It is unfortunate that so many in our community are unable to live the life they aspire to because of an inability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Thim is more than a sleep tracker. Thim uses the latest in sleep science to deliver real results.

From Science

Professor Lack and his colleagues went in search of a new way to improve sleep. Their purpose was to find ways to improve sleep, which did not rely on drugs.

Their research showed sleep re-training could reduce time taken to fall asleep by 30 minutes and increase time asleep by almost 70 minutes (Harris et al, 2007 & 2012).

Sleep clinics starting using sleep re-training with their patients. However, this made the process expensive and time consuming.

A simple and accurate device was needed so people could use sleep re-training in their own home. So Professor Lack designed such a device.


Thim respects the role researchers play in bringing the latest in sleep science to the community. For this reason, we fund young the work of young sleep scientists. Often their first research project, our financial commitment to them helps foster the talent for tomorrow.

Thim re-invests 20% of revenue back into research and development. That’s our commitment to young scientists. Thank you for helping use achieves it.

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