Before your purchase

Q) Do I need a mobile phone to use Thim?

Answer: Yes. You will need an iOS or Android smart device. Thim is a small ring with no controls on the device. To program Thim and extract and see data from Thim you need the Thim App. You can download the App for free here: https://thim.io/app/

Q) When will Thim be available?

Answer: Thim is being manufactured now and will be in stock soon. Pre-orders have been strong. Order today with your pre-order coupon code.

Q) Are coupons available?

Answer: Yes! Using the code THIM20 will provide 20% off of your order. This is only available on pre-orders. When Thim arrives in stock the code will be discontinued.

Thim set up

Q) Must I set up an account?

Answer: Yes. The account allows you to access your data from different devices whenever you want. It also allows your health care professional to view your data which can be an important part of sometimes overall health plan.

Using Thim

Q) How do I set up sleep-tracking only?

Answer: Simply navigate to the home screen and select “Sleep Tracking”. Then, double tap Thim to begin. Thim will passively track your sleep throughout the night and collect your sleep data. In the morning you can download this data to your phone and new it on your dashboard.

Q) Must I keep my phone turned on when using Thim?

Answer: No. After you have sent programming instructions from your smart device to your Thim, Thim can operate independent of your smart device.

Q) How do I know when Thim has started working?

Answer: You double tap Thim with you finger to begin a feature. In response Thim’s LED will glow blue several times. This tells you Thim is now working.

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Experience the world’s first sleep tracker, which improves sleep. Sleep well tonight and get the most from tomorrow.

  • Syncs seamlessly with the free Thim mobile app via Bluetooth
  • Powerful built-in battery lasts 5 days; charger with USB cord included
  • Optimal fit from 4 band sizes. All 100% silicone for sensitive skin
  • Risk free – 30 day returns
  • Manufacturing now. In stock soon. Ships anywhere in the world within 1 – 4 days when in stock.
  • We pay all duties and taxes
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