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The sleep-tracking ring that delivers more than sleep data. Thim conditions you for better sleep. Sleep well tonight, get the most from tomorrow.  

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Take the perfect power nap

From science

Thim is born of science. It was in 2007 that University Professor Leon Lack and his colleagues discovered a way to help people fall asleep 30 minutes sooner and sleep almost 70 minutes longer.

They discovered you could train your body to fall asleep sooner; if you experience the sensation of falling asleep over and over again. They called this technique sleep re-training.

This discovery paved the way Thim.

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Experience the world’s first sleep tracker, which improves sleep. Sleep well tonight and get the most from tomorrow.

  • Syncs seamlessly with the free Thim mobile app via Bluetooth
  • Powerful built-in battery lasts 5 days; charger with USB cord included
  • Optimal fit from 4 band sizes. All 100% silicone for sensitive skin
  • Risk free – 30 day returns
  • Ships anywhere in the world within 1 – 4 days when in stock. In stock from May 2018
  • We pay all duties and taxes
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