Sleep Tracker Device

Incredible accuracy delivered from highly sensitive finger actigraphy and THIMS patented “call and response” onset latency system

Incredible Accuracy

Not only is THIM the only device with the patented sleep re-training application, but it has also been clinically proven to be within 95% accuracy of professional sleep monitors used in clinics making it the most accurate portable sleep monitor too. The THIM design also allows for a sleep monitor in an elegant ring design.

Incredible data

  • Sleep onset latency (time taken to fall asleep each night)
  • Stages of sleep and their duration
  • Frequency and duration of waking episodes
  • The THIM App calculates your sleep score so you can track your progress.

You can also share you raw sleep data with your health care professional. The THIM App will be available free of charge.

How it works

THIM emits a soft vibration each minute. When you feel this vibration you respond by making a subtle movement with your finger. This tells THIM you are awake. When you fail to respond, THIM knows you’ve fallen asleep. This method of tracking sleep onset (time is taken to fall asleep) is proven to be as accurate as the equipment you would find in a sleep lab. And is much more accurate than popular sleep tracking devices which rely on actigraphy alone.

Better than the rest

One popular sleep-tracking wristband was cited for misjudging sleep onset (the beginning of stage 1 sleep) by 15 minutes; with such inaccuracy the current crop of wearable devices are simply unable to facilitate a power-nap or sleep re-training. These applications demand to-the-minute accuracy, which THIM delivers.

Order today

Experience the world’s first sleep retrainer, which improves sleep. Sleep well tonight and get the most from tomorrow.

  • Syncs seamlessly with the free THIM mobile app via Bluetooth
  • Powerful built-in battery will last 5 days; USB power cord
  • Optimal fit from 4 band sizes. All 100% silicone for sensitive skin
  • Ships anywhere in the world within 1 – 7 days
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