Shown to help you fall asleep sooner, reduce wakefulness and extend time asleep.

From the sleep lab to your home.


A better night’s sleep is now at your fingertip.

The sleep ring that delivers more than sleep data.
THIM delivers better sleep from scientifically proven programs.

Improve Sleep

Sleep conditioning program

Power Nap

Take the perfect power nap

Smart Alarm

Wake up refreshed

Track Sleep

Sleep data and coaching

From science

THIM is born of science. It was in 2007 that University Professor Leon Lack and his colleagues discovered a way to help people fall asleep 30 minutes sooner and sleep almost 70 minutes longer.

They discovered you could train your body to fall asleep sooner; if you experience the sensation of falling asleep over and over again. They called this technique intensive sleep re-training.

This discovery paved the way THIM.

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